“i really want you to slap me personally,” she said. “I want you to slap my face. I would like it to hurt. I’d like it to go out of a mark. Kindly. Take action.”

Kara* and I dated for some days before she started moving, edging into territory that was brand new and risky for me. I found myself a skilled very top by then, skilled with flogging and spanking and crude gender, and obtaining much better at slavery as soon as I made a decision that while rope had been breathtaking I absolutely didn’t have the perseverance for all your complicated ties, and committed to leather cuffs that We kept cut for the bars of my personal headboard. Before any really serious D/s union, before playing with the mental components of kink, we started initially to branch into brand-new region that pushed my limitations.

We knew soles had limits. It absolutely was essentially the first thing in Kinky Sex Negotiation 101: uncover the difficult limits, the comfortable limitations, the attractions your bottom. But what about restricts in my situation? Generally speaking, the top is the one in fee, so I was actually one determining just what tasks we do. I could only omit the activities I didn’t desire. But I discovered it wasn’t rather that easy.

“Please,” she stated again. “smack me personally. I enjoy becoming slapped. Don’t you would you like to?”

I did desire to. The woman wrists were cuffed to my headboard, and she had been nude, writhing underneath me. We knelt over this lady, trying to will myself personally to pull my personal arm straight back. I did not truly know simple tips to slap another person’s face. All I’d actually observed were open-handed slaps in movies, a huge full-arm swing of a gesture that will be immediately surprising and embarrassing. Often, its a womanly thing — in providing or receiving. Feamales in movies provide slaps to guys that have scorned all of them, or females obtain slaps once they’re getting “hysterical” to click them returning to real life. I wanted to know what it felt like to hit their, not merely on the ass or thighs or tits or arms, but on the fragile elements. On her cunt. On her behalf face.

But why? I’d to ask me. Why does she wish me to? Is she playing aside anything internalized? Does she believe this lady has to try out this way to become “cool” or accepted? Does she not imagine she could possibly be a high because she’s elegant, and female folks are assumed and socialized becoming receptive and submissive? And exactly why would I think we, a masculine individual, should-be carrying this out sorts of humiliating or painful thing to a feminine individual — even though she is saying she desires it? So is this what we believe we


perform, or perhaps is this really what we want? Can we both feel better when we perform all of our respective sex roles, even in the event it’s just play? So why do i wish to slap this individual, this lady right here with me? Have we internalized some kind of patriarchal hierarchy?

I am completely in order to have company over one’s own human body and what any does consensually when you look at the bedroom, regardless of how shady it could frequently another person. But how can I really determine if what I’m carrying out is actually empowering or messed-up? We are now living in a kyriarchical society that brings about and enforces hierarchies; when does an act feed into those methods, once will it reclaim anything from their store?

I had unnecessary concerns and never adequate responses. She was actually inquiring me to exercise. I knew she desired it, We respected her to learn she might take just what she requested, and I planned to give their exactly what she desired. But i really couldn’t get it done. I becamen’t certain I had the proper method. We ached to do it, I wanted to feel it, but I was also frightened.

It’s always been easier in my situation to pause the action than to state a safeword of my own personal. Meaning that generally, easily reroute some task that is not rather doing work for myself, I’m the only one you never know about any of it. But this time, I had to develop her to know. I possibly couldnot just move to another thing, not together sleeping here likely and asking. I had to develop to respond, to respond to the woman demand, even when the answer was actually no. And that I needed a minute to pay off it between united states, not just brush it well. I found myself also strong into my head using my doubts and worries. Plus, perhaps if I could show a few of what I ended up being concerned with, she may help myself — she could probably show-me how exactly to slap this lady securely, if there are practices or guidelines I had to develop to know.

“i can not,” I whispered. Subsequently, louder: “Lighthouse. Lighthouse, lighthouse.”

She blinked, identifying my safeword, and considered myself differently, dipping out of the subspace and into inquisitive open issue. I nodded, tears welling right up during my vision. We unbuckled the fabric cuffs around her arms and curled alongside the lady, and she i’d like to keep the girl near. We held both.

* perhaps not her real name, and never a proper person; completely fictionalized from genuine encounters which are an amalgam of men and women I have known.

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