A sketchy-sounding footwear store in Kuala Lampur, Malaysia, provides teamed up with a local internet dating solution to suit right up shoe-hungry females with sugar daddies who will be happy to fund a purchasing practice. The shop, fittingly called Shoes sneakers Boots, clarifies on
their fb page

Picture this. A guy knows your style for footwear and he buys them for you. An aspiration come true? Well, truly! Discover everything your center wishes at Boots sneakers sneakers.


Simply get some from an unique assortment of sneakers and obtain a date for free with a man just who wants your decision. Lunch in fact, Asia’s premier meal dating organization, will complement you with an eligible bachelor and request the both of you to meet. Discover the best part â€” you may enjoy a price reduction of 10percent or maybe more off the shoe rate, thanks to Prince Charming! Still don’t think in fairy myths? We can ensure you that people’re maybe not joking.

So, tend to be complimentary boots and a no cost meal value sitting through a night out together with a guy which probably has a foot fetish and selected you because the guy approved of your own shoes? Certainly perhaps not (because ew!),

but …

acknowledge that one can imagine at least one pal (
) who would be easily certain if right footwear were at stake.

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